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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Designers Marketplace, Middlesbrough Sat 3rd Dec.

My flat mate Emma and I went to Middlesbrough town hall on Saturday to catch the Christmas Designers Marketplace. It was great! I got to catch up with my friend Jess Hogarth, who was selling there, and met some other amazing artists and designers and got some great advice from them. There was some really nice stuff there, including these ink drawings by Luke Dixon; http://dukelixon.co.uk/.  He creates beautiful drawings, wood-cuts and coloured work using inks.
One of my other favourite stalls my friend, Jess Hogarth's. http://www.jessicahogarth.com/blog/. She had some screen prints for sale which I really liked, just a bit out of my price range - I got a mug instead (much less damage to my student loan that way). Jess is the artist I used for my welcome week project, and she just so happens to be from my favourite place, Robin Hood's Bay. Her work was really popular. I'd like to sell stuff at the Marketplace in future, it was nice and Christmassy and the work was great, too!

I also made it onto the Marketplace album! Not my best angle... 

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